about Alicia

Alicia is deeply passionate about helping you to find your strongest and fittest self. With almost ten years of experience, she has worked with all age groups and fitness levels and will develop a plan catered to your specific needs, whether that be gaining strength, getting a more toned and defined look, or increasing flexibility. As the perfect mix of taskmaster, coach, and cheerleader, Alicia’s attention to detail helps to prevent injury. 

Alicia graduated from Cedarville University with a B.A. in Marketing. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, BASI Certified Pilates Instructor, holds an ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Certification, and an ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification. She loves to run and to travel with her husband.


"I am a 62 year old woman and in fairly good shape, but needed a boost to my workout routine.  I had been doing three days a week of weight training and found myself going through the motions and not getting the benefits a woman of my age needed.  I decided to try Pilates, which I hoped would be easier on my wrist and knees and kickstart my metabolism.  That's when I found Alicia Clinton.  I have been doing Pilates and strength training with Alicia for about two years.  During this time, I have seen an amazing difference in my body, core strength, and flexibility.  Pilates has allowed me to modify my workouts so that I don't have wrist and knee pain, but still get an amazing workout.  Alicia is an amazing instructor.  She has the knowledge and the training to know exactly what my body needed and was able to implement a Pilates regimen that improved my strength and flexibility without causing stress or pain in my joints.  My workouts are perfectly suited to me and my ability.  When we first started our workouts it hurt to just stretch--now I can stretch with so much more flexibility and I don't feel pain.  My core is stronger and I feel better all over.  She truly has done an incredible job of gearing my workouts to what I needed. But the real plus is what a joy it is to have this special person in my life.  She is inspiring for such a young lady and is a true credit to her profession.  I actually look forward to my workouts.   Anyone would be blessed to have her as an instructor.  I know I have been." -Vicki R.

"I have been working with Alicia for almost five years.  She truly embodies the saying 'floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee.' After going through fertility treatments for years and ending up having a triplet pregnancy, I was a mess. I had ended up in the hospital for 6 weeks on strict bed rest – my weight skyrocketing to almost 300 pounds. I was physically and emotionally drained. Laying in the hospital I made the commitment to get healthy once I had our sons. However it wasn’t until I met Alicia that I was on the right path.  Every day, Alicia comes to my home gym, always on time, always with a smile and her notebook full of exercises. I joke that I am a ‘body’ by Alicia – but all jokes aside Alicia has helped me over the last couple years get down to a size 4 and stay there. Her workouts are thought out and target some of my most troubled areas – she is conscious, creative and a blast to train with and is constantly upping the ante to challenge me daily. Alicia is always a bright spot in my day." - Genine F.

"I have known Alicia for four years in her capacity as Pilates Instructor. I am a 51 year old male, and I am quite physically active trying to keep in shape by doing some weight training and spinning. Pilates was not part of my regimen until I met Alicia. We have been consistently doing a private Pilates reformer class every two weeks for the past four years, and it has helped me quite a lot. With Alicia's coaching, I have been able to understand the importance of stretching, toning my muscles and making Pilates part of my regimen. In fact, when I first started with Alicia I could not touch the floor with my fingers when bending at the waist, and now I can. Alicia has a nice way about her, and is very consistent in her classes, very focused and pushes you hard to help you push outside your comfort zone on the reformer. I would recommend making Pilates with Alicia part of anyone's workout regimen." -Ralph C.

"I have worked one on one with Alicia Clinton for a little over 4 years.  Pilates was recommended to me by my physician who was trying to help me address a hip injury that I had been struggling with for more than a year.  Alicia diagnosed the areas that were causing the direct pain as well as the muscles associated with the injury and worked with me each visit through targeted exercises to strengthen my legs, back and core.  Within a short time, the hip pain was completely gone, but I continued working with her to strengthen my core and arms as well as increasing my flexibility. 

One on one training is a personal investment in yourself and I have experienced a return on my life! I am much stronger as a result, I can work in my yard in a way I hadn’t in years and most importantly, I feel good.

Personally, Alicia has a great work ethic, and she is trustworthy.  I am comfortable working with her at the studio or in my home.  She is a devoted partner who is committed to my personal well-being and health." -Peg R.

"I met Alicia on Columbus Day in October, 2011, when I had a day off.  I was a 57 year old woman who was busy with a professional career but feeling blobby and lethargic.  My friends and coworkers talked to me about the wonderful benefits of a personal trainer.  This sounded like a luxury to me, but I was about to send my youngest of three children off to college and was starting to spend more time on myself.  Alicia said she would be happy to work with me and now almost three years later while I keep getting older, my body keeps getting stronger and I feel great!  In fact, I have completed two half-marathons and a triathlon, which I attribute in no small part to my cross-training with Alicia.  She’s the perfect mix of taskmaster, coach, and cheerleader and helped me achieve my personal fitness goals of being healthy and strong.  Alicia’s workouts are never boring because no two are ever the same, challenging - sometimes with muscle groups I didn’t even know I had – and focused on proper form and injury prevention.  I recommend Alicia without reservation to anyone looking to make a positive impact on their physical well being.  This wonderful young woman will help you succeed." - Lora J.