The goal of Alicia Clinton Fitness is to make it as easy as possible for you to access a great workout. 

Workout in the Convenience of Your Home or at Studio S

We are all leading busy lives, and sometimes making time for yourself feels like an indulgence.  But making time for and investing in yourself, especially to get healthier, is a must!  That's why I make it simple and offer on-site training, where I come to you at your home or at your office, OR you can come to me at studio s in Hyde Park.

While it is ideal to have a room or space devoted to your workout, it is not necessary.  I am able to bring equipment (weights, BOSU, physioball, bands, etc.) along for the session that day. 


Since investing in a personal trainer is a big decision, we have to figure out if this would be a good fit for both parties.  Call today for a consultation about your fitness goals and with any questions you might have.

Personal Training/Semi-Private Training

Personal training is the perfect way to gain strength in your everyday life and/or to lose weight.  My style of training is developed around functional movements that are used in day-to-day activities.  A typical session will include (but is certainly not limited to!) squats and lunges, balance challenges, core work and back strengthening, as well as upper body strengthening.  To help improve flexibility, the session will conclude with stretching.

Each training session will be planned based on your goals and desires.  My goal in planning your session is to keep your body guessing what will come next, so every session will feel new and fresh.


If your goal is to gain flexibility, become more coordinated, and create a strong core, then a Pilates regimen is key to these results and much more.  Pilates is under the umbrella of "mind-body" forms of exercise, which just means that you get more out of each exercise if your mind is tuned into the movement.  Most people find that going through an hour of controlled motions where you have to turn your brain on helps to relieve stress.

I am certified to teach on all of the Pilates apparatus.  If you have equipment at your house, we will be able to create a well-rounded program that will leave you feeling longer and leaner from head to toe.  No worries if you do not have any equipment though; a mat session with props (that I will provide) will be a challenge in itself!

Skype Training when You are On-the-go

When you are out of town, you don't have to miss a workout as I also offer instruction via Skype.  We will use what you have on hand.  Often times, a hotel gym is enough to create a challenging workout!

Skype Training

Special Events

If you'd like to hire someone to teach a class for your bachelorette or birthday party (or any other kind of event!), please contact me.  This is a fun and special way to sweat it out with your friends.